Life Coaching Specifically for Introverts

Why introverts?
Because introverts and extroverts deal with the world differently.

I was first presented with the word “introvert” in 1999 while taking a series of tests for career counseling. One of those tests was the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory. (There’s a nice online version here:  When scored, I initially came out as an ENFJ because I was dating an extrovert at the time, and was so thoroughly enjoying the energy he brought to the relationship that my answers were skewed. (“I want to be more like him!”)  But when the counselor and I read the INFJ versus the ENFJ summaries side by side, I cried big tears. “There are words for how I feel most of the time? There are other people like me???”

It was seriously a life changing moment. Normalizing. A real gift.  

Since then, I’ve focused on how introverts and extroverts handle the world in different ways.  I’ll admit, I’ve been through phases that included Right / Wrong dichotomies and “Extroverts should just…” thinking. Which is problematic for many reasons, starting with the impact of judgment of others on our own mental health. How we take in energy and where we put our attention — these are preferences influenced by our wiring (not a choice!). And they’re all along a spectrum anyway. Strict introvert / extrovert designations can quickly get muddy.

Nevertheless, identifying our natural preferences is fantastically useful – maybe most particularly for dyed-in-the-wool introverts. So much of what I, and the introverts I know, are dealing with is energy management. How to regain it in a society that disdains time alone. How to prioritize its expenditure when there are dozens of interesting projects at any given time. How to structure and ritualize self-care / rejuvenation to limit our burned-out feelings. How to communicate about them to the loved ones around us. These are decisions, skills and priorities that must constantly be kept balanced in pursuing our dreams, and life in general.

As it turns out, helping you get excited about achieving your dreams is something that gives me joy too. I’m energized by encouraging you to take steps toward: doing what you are meant to do, loving yourself more, finding comfort in your own skin. This process of discovering your true self-expression — the True YOU — is different for introverts and extroverts. Because I can relate so well, my joy lies in helping introverts in particular. I’m all about YOU — in my body and my heart.

Don’t change your personality. Let’s make the most of it!  Introversion can be an advantage. I’ll show you how.