My Intro (verted Self)

Yes, I’m an introvert too. No surprise, huh?
I have always, always been interested in two things: what makes myself and others tick, and how much fun moving toward a juicy future can be. Toward that end, I began my 19 year career in the public schools as a music therapist in special education, and transitioned in the last five toward working directly with parents encountering the schools’ special ed bureaucracy for the first time.

In 2009, I sought training as a parent coach through the Parent Coaching Institute in Seattle. My goal was to bring joy in parenting to those who felt more harried and worried than loving and patient. In the process, I discovered a deep well of energy for coaching adults to parent themselves successfully, thereby reigniting love for self and hope in the future.

A life-long lover of experiential learning, I draw inspiration for my work with clients from time alone, coaching parents, creative arts workshops, the Artist’s Way, personal and group therapy, parenting, failing, and recovering to live another day. When I’m not working or at home with family, you might find me training for triathlons (which I do non-competitively and purely as a growth mechanism… but I won’t require this of you…), engaged with my tiny community just outside of Atlanta, GA, or begging for time to go read in front of the fire or on the back porch.