My Coaching Process

So…. what do we do in coaching?magicWand_greyTilt2
Fun stuff!  In fact it may seem like magic.

Group therapy? Not a chance!

  • We identify your strengths and celebrate what’s working.
  • We develop a “dream statement.”  A juicy dream that will keep you motivated. That is, we develop intentional language around what it is you want or dream of — and it could be anything.  (Just to be clear: therapy issues are those that need to be addressed at their core to impact the present; coaching issues are those that can build on current strengths and make a difference in your future.)
  • We take small, concrete, doable steps toward your dream. It’s easier than you think!
  • We celebrate successes all along the way, and we find ways to make changes together.

I’ve had clients with whom I did it all in face-to-face meetings, an hour at a time, once a week.  I’ve had clients with whom I managed the whole process by phone, an hour every other week.  One recent client thinks best through writing, so she requested we do the majority by email, and we both loved how that came out. (Imagine! Two introverts expressing best through the written word…)  What I particularly liked was that she asked for coaching to proceed in a way that played to her strengths — I actually want every client to do that.

After an hour together, with me taking copious notes (I process best kinesthetically), I’ll send you written feedback in a couple of days, as well as a set of questions to be thinking about and/or some things to be doing or trying.  Fun Homework.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  We discuss the homework and aha’s along the way, develop “next steps” based on strengths, priorities and your intuition, and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!